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Lucky me, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join The Travel Brewer’s 3D/2N Caramoan Tour last March 9-11, 2018. Thanks to Ms. Jen Cabero, owner and proprietress of Sasi’s Travel and Tours Services, for sponsoring my trip. At first, I was a bit skeptical to take part in due to my heavy work load, hectic schedule and some important  personal errands that I needed to attend to at that time. It was a good thing though that I made a last minute decision to join otherwise I could have missed all the adventures, fun and excitement of this breath-taking event.


Looking Back The Past

ThetravelbrewerTo kill time in our boat ride to Captiva Beach , I was already thinking of the titles and blog articles that I will be writing for this tour. A lot of things were going through my mind and couldn’t think of anything at all. Suddenly, I thought about Jen. I thought about how we got to know each other and how she got into the travel and tour business.

I have known Jen Cabero for some years now. We had the chance to work together in a Call Center in Northgate, Alabang. She was my banker and I was her Team Lead back then. Aside from job performance and work-related topics and discussions we had, I had the chance to know her better when I saw her Facebook posts about her solo international and domestic travels.  I couldn’t believe how brave she is to go places all by herself.

As I was enjoying the beautiful sight while reminiscing the past I unexpectedly felt happiness. I whispered to the wind “The feats of my social work are destined to remain unknown. I am a social entrepreneur and I am Clickerwayne. “  then I covertly smiled.


Turning Passion Into Profit

caramoan_tourIt is without a doubt that Jen loves to travel but I never thought that she would turn that passion into something that would rapidly grow and let her have additional source of income to support herself and her two daughters.

Our business relationship began when we had a quick chit chat. She asked me if I know someone who has a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that she can rent for her upcoming domestic tour. It was a just small talk that led us to establish a mutual and beneficial business collaboration. I knew that she was just starting-up but I never had any doubts of providing her guidance and Clickerwayne Enterprise‘s Marketing and Lead Generation Services for a very low price.

To get our partnership started, The Travel Brewer (formerly known as Jen@UrService) travel and tour packages were published through this used-to-be-inactive website, With the combined marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns initiated, website traffic started to pour in and we received numerous inquiries per day. I must admit, Jen Cabero’s perseverance and determination to grow her travel and tours agency not only helped herself but also significantly paved my way to Google.


Hard Work Always Pays Off

Cheap_toursSometime in April of 2017 I purposely lied to Jen and informed her that I was having difficulties entertaining customer inquiries about her tour destinations since I have never gone to those places before. So, I booked for her 2D/1N Calaguas Tour.

On the day of the tour, I saw how hands-on she was managing and running her start-up business. She was everywhere to personally take care and attend to the needs of her guests. She had no idea at all that I was observing her the whole time, and that I was there for a mission.

It was almost night time and all guests were already gathered waiting for dinner to be served. Everyone were busy telling their own stories and the fun they had to other guests or new-found friends. I approached Jen and disclosed my true reason for being in that tour. I saw myself in her when I was starting-up my social enterprise. Jen deserved all the help and support she needed to grow her travel and tour agency. A perfect time for me then to pass on the same gift that I received more than 7 years ago from an Israel-based Webhosting Company.


Jen@UrService In All She Is


The Travel Brewer is founded by yours truly, Jen Cabero. This was inspired by my solo travels, being a joiner of group/events whose interest and passion is to experience life in a grander scale without breaking the bank.

As a budget-conscious traveler, its a dream come true for me that I’ll get to places i love on an inexpensive way and get more value for my money. I am determined, just like everyone else to experience the world that are out there for exploring. My urge to travel is not to spend my hard-earned money on fancy hotel or expensive food and deals but to know the most important things while traveling, friendships, memories, love, food, knowledge and a better perspective of who i am.

Now, i decided to launch this page to cater all “budgetarians” like me, whose dream is to see whats out there. I personally created events/tours that drives savings and efficiency. Solo traveler and groups are all welcome. It will be my happiness and the pleasure will all be mine providing not just services that will suit every traveler financially but most importantly, to be able to fulfill their hearts desire.


Truly yours,

Jen Cabero
Owner | Sole Proprietress
Sasi’s Travel and Tours Services