There Is Always A Next Time

Caramoan is a municipality on the Caramoan Peninsula, in the Philippines. It’s known as a gateway to the beaches, limestone cliffs and caves of Caramoan National Park. Boats run from Gota Beach to islands like tiny Lahos, where the beach, between 2 rock clusters, disappears during high tide. Matukad Island has a tropical forest and hidden lagoon. Farther offshore, Bagieng Island offers 2 long, sandy beaches. – Wikipedia

Who can resist the beauty of Caramoan

I heard about the beauty of Caramoan Island after I had a 2D/1N Tour in Calaguas. It was supposed to be my second travel to blog tour in 2017 but I had to cancel it due to inclement weather. Unfortunately, rescheduling the trip was never an option for me because of my other business projects and engagements lined up for the entire year.

Booking a trip to this astonishing Island situated in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region never crossed my mind until a work colleague of mine, Jeffrey Balao, set up the travel plan and confirmed our booking with At first, I was a bit skeptical to take part in due to my heavy work load, hectic schedule and some important  personal errands that I needed to attend to at that time. It was a good thing though that I made a last minute decision to join otherwise I could have missed all the adventures, fun and excitement of this breath-taking event. Lucky me, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join The Travel Brewer’s 3D/2N Caramoan Tour last March 9-11, 2018. Thanks to Jen Cabero, owner and proprietress of Sasi’s Travel and Tours Services – the main travel and tours company who operates, for sponsoring my trip.

A Rough Journey For The Tough

The Tough Guys: tour coordinator Daniel Liwanag with my travel buddy Jeffrey Balao and Businessman Cristopher Dancel Santiago (far back)

My work colleague, Jeffrey, and I were picked up by our tour service van in front of Dusit Hotel along EDSA Makati at around 8:22PM. After like almost a year we got to have the chance to travel together again. First was in Calaguas Island and now in Caramoan, a municipality on the Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines Sur, is about 532 kilometers away from Manila and with an approximate travel time of 12 hours, without stopovers, riding a private vehicle.

My travel buddy and I chose to be seated at the last row seats of the van. We did not anticipate how bumpy the ride was especially when we were cruising the sharp zigzag and bumpy roads. It was a headbanging road trip experience but nevertheless we had so much fun.


From Rough Road To Smooth Sailing Journey

After our overnight road adventure, we arrived at our accommodation around 10:00AM. We were given ample time by our tour coordinator, Daniel Liwanag, to rest and unpack our belongings. At 12:00 noon lunch was served and after which we went ahead to start our 3 days and 2 nights tour activities.


island_hoppingHomestay. Just a few meters away from our Homestay accommodation, our boat was already waiting to take us to our island destinations.


lahos_islandLahos Island. Our journey to Caramoan Island won’t be complete if we didn’t get the chance to visit Lahos Island. According to our local tour guide, the island was named “Lahos” because during high tide the white sandy beach of the island disappears.


Tourist Attraction. Many local and foreign tourists visit the island. This picturesque island offers aquamarine activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.


Gota_beachMajestic Sights. I was really enticed to see the striking and unique rock formation as we hop from one island to another.


sanbar_caramoanThe Sandbar. On our second day, our group enjoyed and had fun under the sun as I took photos and videos of them at Captiva Beach.

These are some of the photos I’ve taken for this blog. If you want to see more, you may visit our Gallery page by clicking here. To find out more details about this tour and for booking reservation click here.

Thank you all guys. It was my pleasure to be with you on this trip. Until then… 🙂